Yajur Fibres is the leading producer of cottonised flax fibre in India with the largest market share purely owing to its best-in-class cottonised flax fibres. These are the softest, cleanest & most consistent fibres available today. With zero dust and negligible trash ProFlax fibres give the highest yield when blended with other natural and/or manmade fibres. Yajur cottonised linen fibres blend upto 60% comfortably and at 15000 RPM plus. Despite being a natural bast fibre the effective staple length consistency is north of 63% while that of Indian cotton is 67%. Add to this - we cut staple to your required length and at no extra cost. Unmatched quality, excellent colour matching, impeccable delivery schedule and consistently performance fibres are just somethings that set us apart. 
Cottonised Flax (linen) Fibre image