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Premium Cottonised Bast Fibres.

Yajur Bast Fibres Limited (formerly: Usha Corporation Limited)  is part of the multi billion conglomerate, 20,000+ workforce strong – The Kankaria Group. YBFL is the largest bast fibre processing & manufacturing unit in India with a capacity to produce over 1000 tons per month of cottonised fibres (Flax, Jute & Hemp) and over 60 tons of dry spun flax yarn per month. YBFL is situated in Kolkata.
The extensive experience and investment of the Group in Bast fibres is the underlying essence of the premium cottonised fibres at YFL. It is a unit which lays great emphasis on R&D. A dedicated team to analyse, improve and test has resulted in being the preferred choice of most, if not all, the top spinning mills in India & Bangladesh.
Yajur Bast Fibres Limited is dedicated to achieving excellence. It is governed by the 5S principles and with the best-in-class machinery and environment the unit is heavily complied and certified. YFL has already been certified with ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO45000, OEKOTEX 100, SA8000 and EUROPEAN FLAX certification.
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Yajur Fibres is the leading producer of cottonised flax fibre in India with the largest market share purely owing to its best-in-class cottonised flax fibres. These are the softest, cleanest & most consistent fibres available today. With zero dust and negligible trash ProFlax fibres give the highest yield when blended with other natural and/or manmade fibres. Yajur cottonised linen fibres blend upto 60% comfortably and at 15000 RPM plus. Despite being a natural bast fibre the effective staple length consistency is north of 63% while that of Indian cotton is 67%. Add to this - we cut staple to your required length and at no extra cost. Unmatched quality, excellent colour matching, impeccable delivery schedule and consistently performance fibres are just somethings that set us apart. 
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Jute fibre has been marked as the fibre of the future by various specialists and top retailers. It is the cheapest natural fibre. Up until now it was known only for packaging but ever since we cottonised jute fibre to blend and run in the cotton spinning system it has been nothing short of a revelation for this age old bast fibre. It has not only replaced slub and flax yarn in home textiles but also replacing cotton upto 30% in various articles. Where as cotton has received much criticism for not qualifying as a sustainable fibre, Jute on the other hand as soared all charts as the most sustainable natural & biodegradable fibre.
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Hemp is the oldest fibre known to mankind. After a brief ban of about 30 years globally - the hemp fibre is truly back and how. The cottonised hemp fibres at Yajur Bast Fibres is exceptionally good, genuine and very spinable to make quality blended yarn. The raw fibres are mechanically processed and cottonised to blend with other natural and manmade fibres and run in the existing cotton spinning systems without much ado. Like all our other fibres these too are available in natural & bleached form and in your staple cut length.
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Yajur Bast Fibres Limited is the largest producer of dry spun flax yarn in India with an annual capacity of above 700 tons. Supplying to all top home furnishing companies in India & Abroad. These yarns have earned the reputation of high quality, high consistency and high strength yarns. The input fibre is carefully handpicked and throughly processed ensuring highest quality standards and zero foreign materials.
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